I've been going through a personal renaissance of sorts lately, and I am happy with the progress I am making. I've been focusing on my health, blogging regularly, working on my Kwota.io project, and am finally getting my podcast up and running again. After listening to Napoleon Hill's Outwitting the Devil I had the revelation that I have not done enough to ensure my environment reinforces the good habits and desire for achievement that I am once again grasping at. That being said, I am looking for either an existing mastermind group to join, or a few people who would be interested in starting a mastermind.

If you are not familiar with the concept of a mastermind group I would suggest taking a look at Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich. I think it was Hill that first coined the phrase, though the concept has been around for quite some time. Here is a link to a video that describes the concept at a very high level: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bAm1Ktv9e4E. Probably one of the best examples of the kind of thing I am looking for is found with the Entreprogrammers podcast.

I am looking for 2 or 3 people who are software developers, like myself, who have entrepreneurial desires that would like to  meet up online at least once a month to discuss progress made, bounce ideas off each other, and hold each other accountable. Ideally, these people should taking action some action towards an entrepreneurial endeavour by either developing a product or creating content regularly (blogging, podcasts, ebooks, etc). They should also be just starting out on their journey.

If you are interested or know of a group I can join please contact me.

I am really not all that sure of how to go about finding or setting one of these up so I thought I would just start with a simple blog post expressing my desire. If you have any tips on how I might find one please let me know in the comments below.

Note: I am not looking for a paid mastermind group or anything like that. I am just looking for average software developers who are looking to help each other work towards some entrepreneurial goals.