Not all that long ago I decided to start blogging regularly. The hardest part of blogging is trying to come up with content. Here are 3 strategies for finding post ideas for your technical blog.

1. When You Google

When you are working on a project and have to Google something, if you aren't immediately presented with the exact answer you need then turn whatever solution you create into a blog post. If you have this problem then chances are someone else will have it one day as well. By blogging about it you are helping the next person by giving them the exact solution they are looking for, and that is a large part of what blogging is about.

2. Stack Overflow

I have to stay away from trying to answer questions on Stack Overflow, because it is an addicting thing to hunt down and solve other people's problems and I would rather do that then get work down. However, Stack Overflow is a gold mine for potential technical topics to blog about. If you begin to answer questions you'll get feel for the type of problems people are having in your area of expertise. Every answer you provide is a potential in-depth blog post about a solution.

3. Deep Dive

Pick some small aspect of the technology you are working on and create an incredibly in depth article about that aspect. This solves your reader's problems by giving them everything they possibly will ever need to know about that one particular thing. The trick to doing this is to not be too broad otherwise you run the risk of not finishing the thing because there is too much to cover.

I hope some of this was helpful!