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Ideas for Day 9, July 15th:

Idea 81: Every day around the world there is beautiful art being created by office workers. As these workers sit through meetings that have no point whatsoever they take a pen to paper and create masterpiece doodles. I must create a site that allows people to snap photos and upload their pointless meeting masterpieces to share with the world. Just think about how much art is accumulated in notebooks due to the pointlessness of meetings. We must capture this as a reflection of the waste and stupidity of modern office life. Our descendants will look back in horror on a world that sacrificed so much productivity to feed the egos or justify the jobs of a few managers. However, they will probably need to theorize about what a manager is... as they will likely be phased out in the work of the future.

Idea 82: When I worked at Wal-Mart they had a pretty good system to allow associates to call in for a sick day. You dialed a number, entered a code, and were routed to let someone know. A SAAS product could be made for smaller organizations to alert supervisors of absence via the phone system. This would allow workers to call in when they know they will be sick instead of waiting until the supervisor is on site and wondering where you are. I suppose that is what voice mail is for... but a system to alert management to cover the absence may be beneficial?

Idea 83: Create a site dedicated to office weight loss competitions. Allow people to enter in measurements along the way and everyone doing it can view the metrics, what fun! Also, the money could be put into storage and cards could be used instead of cash. Meh?

Idea 84: Unlimited proof reading requests at a fixed rate per month. You pay a subscription fee monthly or yearly and at any time and without extra cost you can submit a blog post or a paper or some lines of copy or whatever for a proofread. Turnaround is based on package level. If I was seriously serious about grammar and spelling I would consider something like this.

Idea 85: Build some software for bond bailsman. I really don't know what their needs are, but I bet there is some problem that can be solved by software. Maybe not? I am running out of any real ideas here. I just wonder what this niche looks like.

Idea 86: Subscription based quick scripting service. Have documents or spreadsheets you need manipulated, but it would take you way too long to do by hand? Pass this off with an explanation of what needs to be done and have someone with knowledge of scripting fix it right up.

Idea 87: I really love the Domino's pizza tracker. I think it is possibly the greatest invention in pizza delivery since the signs on the top of the car that show you it is the pizza delivery guy coming down the street. Let's apply similar technology to other things... oil changes and car work? Jimmy has started to drain the oil at 9:46am... Anne is vacuuming your interior at 9:55am... etc.

Idea 88: Automated notification system to let you know when a book you want to read has been returned to a library. I would guess a system like this already exists, but I haven't been to a library in ages so I'll go on believing that it doesn't exist.

Idea 89: Are there any bowling alleys that upload your bowling scores to a website so you can track historical games and progress? I mean, you could enter that all in manually, but entering in that many numbers is cumbersome. Create a system to integrate with existing bowling alley software companies that would automatically upload bowling scores to an account for the benefit of people who bowl regularly.

Idea 90: Create a small robot that scours your lawn and cuts the grass much in the same way a goat would. Get a few of them that slowly move across the lawn cutting grass at a just slightly faster pace than it grows. You still need to mow occasionally, but the bots would keep the grass short at a slow and steady pace. Who really wants to mow their lawn anyways?

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