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Ideas for Day 8, July 14th:

Idea 71: I was at the clinic today getting something checked out. At the clinic here they print out about 4 to 5 labels for every visit for I have no idea what. I would have to imagine there is a huge amount of paper cost with doing this. Start a company to get rid of these labels and replace them with a technology solution that saves the hospital money by eliminating the need for disposable labels.

Idea 72: Yeah, make a search engine? Why not? By doing this you could gain a valuable skill or develop a product this is valuable in another arena. The perception is that nobody can compete with Google on search. I think many thought the same thing about MySpace. Why not give it a go? Is there such a thing as niche search engines?

Idea 73: I am positive there are at least a few people out there that are unable to keep up with @mentions on Twitter. Create a tool to help capture these and allow persons to quickly go through and respond to any that are worth their time. Kind of like tools that deal with email. I don't really know if this is a problem or not. A lot of these ideas are just hypotheses to be explored... which is all a business is anyways.

Idea 74: I've heard a lot of buzz lately about Mob Programming. Create a software company that addresses the exact needs of this methodology.

Idea 75: I am going to be quite devastated if MS ends up killing off the Windows Phone operating system. I am one of the few people who really likes the platform, despite the lack of apps (that I wouldn't use anyways). I don't have a good feel on whether or not MS will kill it, but it may be worthwhile to build a flavor of Android that imitates the UI for people who will otherwise have to say goodbye the Windows Phone UI.

Idea 76: What's for lunch choice random selector combined with special deals offered by local businesses. Every week a few of us at work participate in a little tradition we call NOS-MED, Non Optimized Semi-Multicultural Eating Decision (Don't ask). In reality a guy just picks a place to go and let's everyone know who might be interested. Instead of a person selecting it make it random, but also let it be weighted by the level of deals the biz owner is willing to put down for the increased business.

Idea 77: I am really bad about the smoke detectors in my house. A few of them started throwing off that beep when they were low and I pulled the battery. I am probably a risky terrible person for not replacing them, but this is a problem I want to fix. How about this, a sort of shelving unit that acts as a smoke detector but is also a station to charge devices? An internal battery would keep it alive in case of power outage, but otherwise it would be plugged in or power would be run to it. Or how about integrating the smoke alarms into light fixtures or ceiling fans? Smart smoke alarms anyone? There are probably a lot of other sensors and things that could be built into smoke alarms. If you are going to take the time to mount something on the wall why not make sure it is going to do a lot for you?

Idea 78: With all the smart phones in the world why are we still using remote controls to control our television? Create a hardware/software company to tie all television or other devices in your house that uses remotes into your smart phone.

Idea 79: Create a system for small businesses to alert people when they will be heading to their home for services. I don't like taking 4 hours of work off to wait for someone to show up within a window of time. A better experience is when they give a call. The best would be if I get an auto reminder on phone or email (or both) to inform me of the  projected time as soon as it is definite. It should also take into consideration my own commute (which is 5 minutes, one of the perks of small town life) and the service provider's commute. This could be generalized for all service industries.

Idea 80: Peer to peer dog boarding? Allow individuals who love pets and have the space to board animals at their place and charge less than traditional animal boarding facilities. I am not sure people would be willing to drop their pets off with total strangers, even with a 5 star review. Perhaps start with certifications processes and such?

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