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Bang my head against the wall. Here is day 7:

Ideas for Day 7, July 13th:

Idea 61: I'd like to start a series of education courses on the web about philosophy that is geared towards high school students and lower. It is a shame that the study of this stuff is saved for the University level because of the politics involved. I think the same should be done for business/entrepreneurship and coding as most people that can code aren't going to take a low paying teacher's salary. At least not in today's world. Not much of a tech company other than this would be a platform for learning. I feel like a lot of my learning didn't take place until after high school.

Idea 62: This school lunch thing seems to be getting a bit out of hand. It would be cool to make affordable MRE kits that would enable students to have hot lunches without being subjected to the mush they are putting out. Maybe this isn't really a problem? I feel the better solution would be to make lunch a required course through most of school. Learn about cooking and food instead of just being fed. Again, not much of a tech company, but whatever.

Idea 63: We have technology that reads human brainwaves and reacts in a certain way. Do this for dogs and sense when they need to go to the bathroom. This will help owners potty train dogs easier by understanding the need.

Idea 64: Create a social network that kicks you off after age 23. This is kept in check by peer review. When you join you must be approved by others that confirm your age. Privacy is default you may not see anything about someone whatsoever without inviting them to.

Idea 65: I want to create an online clothing retailer that guarantees clothes of a particular size to be of exact dimensions, and to allow for abnormal dimensions. I have in my possession 2  pairs of jeans that are the same size but, until recently losing weight, i could only fit into one of them. I want simple, durable stylish clothes that I don't have to think about that are sized perfectly and consistently.

Idea 66: AirBnB or Uber style thing for washing machines / dryers. Why do to a laundromat when you can pay to use someone else's appliances?

Idea 67: Desk phones that connect into cell phones. I mean only looking rotary ones, you know, for nostalgia. Not much tech here either.

Idea 68: Create a website that checks to ensure you have done affirmations for the day. If you haven't then it will alert you to the fact until you do.

Idea 69: Game development company that focuses on making the game fun in a traditional sense but also makes connections to history or math/science or whatever so that there is an emotional connection to the topic when you learn it. Like learning about all the civs in AOEII in a Euro history course after you've played the game. I stole this idea for this list.

Idea 70: Create a gosh darn open source free modelling tool like Blender that is actually easy to use and learn unlike Blender. There are a few out there, but they all stink I think. Sell add-ons to profit.

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