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Ideas for Day 6, July 12th:

Idea 51: Create a 'got my order wrong' site that would allow people to report mistakes with fast food orders. There is a McDonald's in my town that always messes up orders. My guess is that there is some systemic problem that causes this, but the root of the problem is never analyzed. Either people present the mistake and have it corrected, or they just let it go and deal with what they are given. Are these type of quality issues being tracked so corrective action can be taken? I think the problem with our local Mc'D's stems from the fact that the orders used to show up on the wrong lane of the drive through preventing the person ordering from visually confirming that their order is correct. Create a site that rewards people for reporting legit quality issues.

Idea 52: When I worked fast food in high school and briefly after graduating one of the problems I ran into when I was on the cooking side was knowing what priority I should give to particular activities to get the food out the door fastest. For example, should I throw the burger through the char-broiler or get the chicken sandwich in the fryer first? I think a system could be created to make the exact steps to be done very explicit for a person at a station. Perhaps this already exists and the company I worked for just didn't have it. Create a company to streamline fast food operations for restaurants that don't have a lot of cash to dump into R&D.

I am doing intermittent fasting today and my wife & daughter grabbed some fast food after a long drive. I can see why my mind is gravitating towards food system issues.

Idea 53: Work with grocery store chains to put QR codes on pricing labels that connects to recipe databases. Make grocery store visits about both shopping and the discovery of new foods and techniques to try. Value proposition is that recipes could also hook back into the store and tell you where you need to go to get other ingredients as well as alternative uses for left overs, providing additional sales for the grocery store.

Idea 54: Local "Fiverr" style website. I will mow your lawn for 20 minutes for $5. As an extra gig I will mow your entire lawn for flat rate of $20. I will pickup your lunch for $5. Bring the Fiverr type experience to things that can only be done physically, locally.

Idea 55: I have a feeling that is shared by many others that the traditional university/college education track is going to implode in the next hundred years or so. There is so much opportunity for relevant learning that does not involve spending thousands and thousands of dollars over years of your life. Once companies begin to value these alternative routes of learning over traditional degrees it's all over. What happens to research programs if they are not subsidized by student tuition? Where do professors go? Is this a good thing? I have no answers for this, but it would be a good problem to tackle. Find a way to fund research without influencing it so it can survive the inevitable bankruptcy of traditional university systems.

Idea 56: Create a website for absolutely free for every type of use content. Licensing is so difficult sometimes. I just want one site where everything is 100% free to use and modify for any reason without attribution. I am not sure how you would monetize such a thing. I just want it.

Idea 57: Create a company that specializes in 3D printing replacement parts for old action figures. I destroyed so many action figures when I was a kid. I played with them. I loved playing with them. Loving playing with them meant I broke an arm or lost a leg here and there. Of course this happens with action figures that fight. A company that has scans of these and can build replacement parts on demand would be quite awesome.

Idea 58: Start a recruiting company that consists entirely of engineers. HR people aren't very technical. Having a recruiting company that consists entirely of engineers who also recruit I could imagine would succeed at getting better quality candidates. This is a hypothesis, but I have no idea if it would succeed. With college recruiting I know that I can connect on a personal level more with CS students than an HR person from another company. I don't refer to C# as C-Hashtag. I think there is value in that.

Idea 59: A podcast incubator site? Offer a subscription service for podcasts that costs a bit more, but comes with additional services to help get the podcast started. Once the podcast is up and going they help them transition to some of the big, cheaper traditional services like Libsyn. Combine the training/mentoring platform with the delivery/feed platform.

Idea 60: A website to track micro-quotas. Not only track micro-quotas, but also allow people to create micro-quota plans to better themselves. Have successful people create quotas for you to do in order to be successful. Curated self-improvement sites.

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