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Ideas for Day 5, July 11th:

Idea 41: In college I worked tech support for the university. My boss was, at the time, responsible for purchasing and tracking software licenses. This data was originally tracked in an excel spreadsheet. I built him a database in Access to make things a bit easier, but there is much more I could have done, especially with my current experience. Create a software license management system geared specifically to colleges and universities.

Idea 42: The boss I had in idea 41 went on to do other things after I graduated. One of the things he does is handle building access systems. I don't know too much about this, but from what I understand he has to deal with multiple systems because whenever a building is built they go off bids. Create software that centralizes the management of building access systems, integrating with vendors in the arena. This would simplify his work while providing the flexibility to use whatever vendor makes sense.

Idea 43: Create a smart breast pump system that will help make tracking breast milk easier for a mother. Perhaps it would combine a small label printer that can be used to label milk so things don't get old and are frozen/thawed at appropriate times. It could also connect into a server that tracks sessions so inventory is kept.

Idea 44: A company that specializes in building adapters for various forms of creation/model systems. Connect Lego to VEX to K'NEX to Erector to ... Lincoln Logs? It would be nice to mix these together sometimes, but they aren't compatible. Build adapters so people can build Frankenstein creations using all kits.

Idea 45: Quest software. Anyone who has played MMORPG's knows about quests. You complete a series of tasks and usually receive some reward. Create a site that has community generated Quests for people to try. Create apps that track these quests much like a quest log in an MMO. Completing quests give you badges or other rewards.

Idea 46: Create a tool that helps developers building games for multiple platforms setup deployment pipelines/timing for each of them. Advise developers on when a product should be submitted to a target platform based on average speeds at which a gate-keeper approves a product or not.

Idea 47: Create an online exchange for extra/spare/used electronic components. If you buy 100 of some thing and only use 50 of it, put the remaining on the exchange for someone else to buy up.

Idea 48: Create a system around Git that would allow students in computer science fields check in their code and project work into a source control repository for grading. Create a portal that would allow professors to pull and run the code and record grades. Allow comments back to the student to be submitted in form of a pull request. I think that source control repositories are under used by computer science professors.

Idea 49: I am not sure if every down has this, or just small towns, but there is a thing here called 'chamber bucks' that are issued by chambers of commerce. Gift certificates you can hand out that must be spent locally. Make a credit card style system for chambers of commerce that works in the same way. This would remove the overhead of having to deal with paper certificates.

Idea 50: Create a company that specializes in distributing beta video games and collecting feedback for small/indie developers. There is way too much for indie developers to be doing nowadays and it is getting nearly impossible to make a living off it. By providing services like this it may offload some of the burden that is on the developer.

Almost didn't finish by end of day today! Just in time, and half way to 100. This is starting to feel like an impossible task. Check back tomorrow for my next 10!