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This is getting difficult! Prepare for some crappy ones. Here is day 4:

Ideas for Day 4, July 10th:

Idea 31: Someone I know owns/operates a pet store. He said that one of his biggest issues is keeping things in stock because vendors don't fill full orders and he ends up having to look around for alternatives for his customers. I wonder if a system to help track and estimate lead times on products as well as containing cross reference data for alternatives would help him? Write software to help a small pet shop keep customers happy.

Idea 32: I've more than once run into managers that actually truly care about the people that work under them. One such example is a friend of my wife's husband. He works for a company that puts up billboards. It is a dangerous job and he struggles with keeping things on schedule when bad weather hits. His workers do a bang up job even when things are tough and he'd like to reward them. I'd like to create a rewards system, i.e. affiliate marketing, that managers can use. As they buy things they gain rewards that they can later redeem to give tokens of appreciation to those that work for them. Turn buying rewards into employee rewards. Not sure of the legal on this or if it would work that well, but it would be nice to find some way.

Idea 33: Write software for DJ's and karoke jockeys... KJ's? A small subscription service that would allow people to view what the DJ/KJ has and request songs for play or to sing. This would all them to forget about keeping up to date printed copies of songs and printing out sign up slips.

Idea 34: Why are grills so darn hard to clean? I want to invest time developing a grill that not only kills it for cooking but is incredibly easy to clean... perhaps self cleaning? It would be a line of smart grills that also is connected to the internet. Why, because ideas are getting hard to come by after 33 of them. Note this isn't really a tech company.

Idea 35: I've got it! I am going to develop a line of refrigerators. Why the heck are the drawers where you put fruits and veges on the bottom? They should be the most convenient to get to to encourage healthy eating. I want those fruits and veggies right in front of my eyes so that A.) I don't forget about them and they go bad, and B.) they are the most convenient to grab. Also not a tech company.

Lighting round I need to get to a party tonight, but this is most important:

Idea 36: Website that provides training specifically focused on game development targeted to high school students interested in the subject. Develop feeder programs for colleges that have majors in this sort of thing.

Idea 37: All in one video game creation/hosting website. Do sprite art, sound, coding, and design all in one place. Host it there as well. Release regularly.

Idea 38: Social add ins for IDE's. Select code, upload snippet to a website, write a message about it and send it to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Have code act as a photo.

Idea 39: Apps and training videos that help people learn the Tin Whistle. It is supposed to be easy, but man I just can't get it right. I've not spent much time exploring music in my life, but I like the Tin Whistle. Create technology that is devoted to teaching it.

Idea 40: Create and exchange for people to sell or trade the crap that schools have kids sell for field trips and to help the school afford things. I know a guy that bought $300 worth of magazines he didn't want from his kids to help the school. I guess they needed a printer that wasn't worth much more than that. He'd gladly have just given the money to the school. Maybe he can recoup costs by offering his subscriptions to someone who actually wants it for a discount?

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