When I started this thing I called this "100 Software Company Ideas In 10 Days", but a lot of my company ideas haven't necessarily been software companies. I am modifying the title of this series to include software, hardware, internet-based e-commerce, or any business that relies heavily on technology.

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Ideas for Day 3, July 9th:

Idea 21: Every once in a while I want to send about a 15 second clip of some movie or something to a friend as a reaction to what they just said. For example, when I am interviewing someone at work that I think is amazing I tell my boss "That's a straight shooter with upper management written all over him!". That is a quote from Office Space.  I want a website that has small bite-sized clips of things with no ads that I can send as reactions to things when appropriate. I search for the clip, send the link, and presto I make my point. Like YouTube with a limit of 15 seconds per video, and no ads in the video.

Idea 22: Facebook has a bunch of these garage sale groups that share things within a community. Facebook has an audience of people, but in large garage sale groups things get lost in the stream and there are multiples for the same area. I'd like to create a site that has group membership and administrators for doing virtual garage sales in your area like people do on Facebook. Unlike Facebook, there would be tools built-in for bidding/bartering and clearing things out when the sale is made.

Idea 23: Why are the major MOBA games all built around the same theme as DOTA? I want to build a space-based moba where you fight with ships instead of particular champions. A lot of the mechanics can cross over. Magic damage uses special weapons and things. Attack damage are big guns. Shields are armor. Your hull is HP. Putting these things together you can get meta classes like tanks or carry's. I want to see a space-based MOBA with ships.

Idea 24: I do college related recruiting at my day job. There is a system most colleges use in the region for scheduling interviews and posting jobs and such. As a representative of an employer I find this to be cumbersome to use. I want to build a system that is simpler for the universities, students, and employers to connect, schedule events, and post jobs. These systems should also tap into social networking and reach students where they spend a lot of their time.

Idea 25: I admit, this one was handed to me today. Create a small service that companies can use to facilitate fast DotVoting using tablets/phones etc.

Idea 26: Thinking about the interview I had tonight for my podcast... Create an off the shelf product for setting up and facilitating code boot-camps, along with integration to a centralized site that can help people find boot-camps to attend. I assume there is a good amount of work that goes into setting up enrollment, records keeping, tracking post-boot-camp statistics. There is probably some CRM related functionality, payment processing, etc. Create a company that helps people to get boot-camps off the ground. Think of how much software goes into a University? Boot-camps need a fraction of it, but I bet it would help.

Idea 27: A website that specializes in selling ties that only geeks/nerds would appreciate. There are a lot of tie companies that have ties for geeks/nerd, but I want to make the site for geeky/nerdy ties. How long do you figure ties will be around for? They are a bit annoying if you ask me.

Idea 28: This probably sounds a bit cooler to me than it actually would be. I want to get licensed to manufacture and sell replica computers from the 70's and 80's. Pre-mouse, floppy drives and all. There were some magical moments people had on these types of computers and it would be a fun conversation piece to have a working mint condition replica of PC you first coded on in your house. I just like the idea of hacking on brown keys with a greenish screen in front of me.

Idea 29: Infinite tiles. There was this website called the million dollar homepage. They sold 1 million pixels for a dollar a piece and made a million dollars. They are like the guy who invented the pet rock. I want to do something similar. Create a website where you can own a tile.You buy it like real estate. You design what you want on the tile. When you click on it will display a message of your choosing. People would be allowed to explore hundreds and thousands of tiles. It would be a good way to kill time?

Idea 30: Create a company that specializes in setting up internal company podcasts. I learn so much from podcasts. I know there is a lot of things I can learn from people around me at work, but we are too busy working to share that information. I think podcasts may be an unexplored way to share information and ideas within a company. I could imagine interviewing developers I work with and making those recordings available to everyone in the company to listen to during breaks and while doing work that doesn't require much concentration (i.e. busy work). I am not sure how I'd make money off it other than consulting, but I think the idea is cool. If nothing else it could provide in-depth transparency within a company?

Check back tomorrow for my next 10!