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FINALLY IT IS OVER! Here is day 10:

Ideas for Day 10, July 16th:

Idea 91: Video, audio, and eBooks are dominant forms of information products today. Why aren't people making interactive video games to serve as information products? My guess is the development is cumbersome. Build a product that would allow entrepreneurs utilize video games as a new form of information product. I recently interviewed Derick Bailey about an information product he built for RabbitMQ. I wonder if there is an interactive component, i.e. video game, that he could use to enhance his offering? Has something like this been done?

Idea 92: Create a non-profit to publicize and promotes companies that contribute idle computers to volunteer computing. Think of all the computing horsepower that is sitting idle in many companies that could be put to work solving complex problems. If there was some way to make it beneficial, like 'going green', maybe they would engage in some degree of volunteer computing.

Idea 93: I recently attended a talk about volunteer computing. I asked if browser-based computing was being used. The answer was no because people close windows when nothing appears to be happening. I think this is a wasted opportunity. It would be easy for me to open another tab, navigate to a site, and let it run. It makes it REALLY easy for me to offer my computer up for volunteer computing. I think a non-profit could be fired up to explore providing volunteer computing through primarily the browser.

Idea 94: Create a nostalgia product... a USB hub that appears to be 3.5" floppy drive that takes special high-capacity USB drives that are shaped to look like 3.5" floppy drives (or a 3D print of the save icon :-), for the younger folks). I don't know, there was something horribly gratifying about using those disks, and it would be fun to capture that again.

Idea 95: Screw those alarm clock robots that run away from you when they go off... i want a micro quad-copter that does the same thing. BOOM!

Idea 96: I was really excited about the game 0x10c. I thought the concept was just awesome and I am sad to see it will never be made. Project Trillek is certainly trying, but has been trying for a really long time. Time for someone to nut up and build this game.

Idea 97: I really would like to turn My Life For The Code into a place where other software developers blog. I think combining resources with other developers to provide consistent exceptional content would be good for any developers contributing. Why do we try to blog it alone instead of pooling resources and driving traffic to a single site? This is obviously not a new idea, but I never really said it had to be :-).

Idea 98: Self hosted podcast hosting software. If you already have storage and adequate bandwidth why host your podcast with a service like Libsyn? Make a podcast hosting framework similar to the way WordPress exists as a content management system / blogging platform. Publish your podcast on your own stack and let a software company make it easy for you.

Idea 99: I am not sure it will ever be possible to automate the entry of orders that come in via fax/email, but I think computers could be used to make the process much quicker. Create software that breaks up an email into tokens and allows the user to quickly sift through the content and rearrange them it into a structured form that can be automatically imported into an order entry system.

Finally, the last one! And here is 100:

Idea 100: I'd like to create a network of virtual assistants that specifically work out of the Midwest. My mother and sister could both do this type of work for some extra money every month since they do not otherwise work at this time. However, unless they have someone sourcing work for them I am not sure they would ever get started with it. Up here in Minnesota we also have that "Minnesota nice" thing going on... so if you need assistants to help with customer service I am sure there is a plus in there somewhere.

I plan on writing up a retrospective on this project sometime in the near future.