Yesterday I wrote 100 Software Company Ideas In 10 Days. Today is Day 2. Here are my 10:

Ideas for Day 2, July 8th:

Idea 11: I played golf with my pops this weekend for the first time since I was a kid. He mentioned that going out solo you run the risk of being paired up with someone much better or much worse than you which can kill the fun of golfing. Creating a network of solo golfers that can pair up based on skill for a tee time so you don't run the risk of getting matched up with a random person who is better or worse than you by a large degree.

Idea 12: A social network site devoted specifically to people who are makers or creators. LinkedIn is for professionals, Facebook is family and friends, this would be for people who create instead of consume. They can share projects, designs, have a portfolio, etc.

Idea 13: I donate on Patreon to the guy running Ludum Dare. I'd like to see the site and experience improved and he is trying to do it. I think it would be cool to set up an online store that only contains affiliate links. When you go to buy something, even everyday household items online, you can select who you want the proceeds of the affiliate sales to go to. For example, the guy from Ludum Dare could get an account. When I go shopping for books or toilet paper or whatever, I choose him and click-through to buy the product. The affiliate sales are then passed on to him.

Idea 14: I would like to start a company that has a network of businesses that would like to set up exchange programs for mid level software developers. After a developer is a few years in with a company, the company would exchange them with another company so as to give that person the experience they would otherwise have to leave the company to get. This would allow companies to mitigate turn over, bring in new ideas, and develop strong senior level developers.

Idea 15: I have emailed or text messaged my wife 'leaving now' so many times to let her know when I am done with work or something else and heading off to pick her up or go to the next thing. Create a simple messaging app that informs loved ones with one click that I am leaving where I am to go somewhere else. How much is 'Yo' worth?

Idea 16: Create a well constructed index and search of all open source projects on GitHub and elsewhere. I liked that SourceForge, who is now crap, categorized open source projects into business communication etc. Sometimes you just want to explore projects openly by category. GitHub has some of this, but it isn't as robust as I would like.

Idea 17: Every time you board your dogs or cat at a new boarding place you have to show that the dog/cat is up on their shots. I want to create a network that connects those that provide animal boarding services with veteran clinics to make boarding your pet anywhere a much easier thing to do.

Idea 18: With people starting small businesses that send things through a package carrier I would guess that it can be a bit expensive or tricky to get nice cardboard boxes to ship stuff in. I buy stuff from Amazon and get nice boxes all the time. I would like to develop a way for people to save their boxes and other packaging material and when they are done easily ship them to a small business who needs boxes for stuff they ship. This way we get a lot of reuse out of cardboard boxes (green) and small business people get to pay less for materials they need to ship. They can then pass these savings on to who they sell to. Win win win!

Idea 19: I play a game called airsoft from time to time. It is like paintball but way better. I think it would be cool to integrate wearables and drones into this game for awesome scenarios and fun command and control structures for large-scale events. Build a software/hardware biz that builds wearables, drones, and systems to integrate video game like scenarios and mechanics into real life games.

Idea 20: When my daughter's daycare is closed my wife and I are s**t out of luck for finding someone to cover that day. It would be nice to have a website where people can indicate they have vacancies for an additional child for a day or two if another daycare is closed. They could charge a great rate for temporary services and I wouldn't need to burn vacation time. Though, I can't say I don't like spending time at my girl! :-)

Check back tomorrow for my next 10!